• Kashmir e Ladakh Crucible of spirituality

    A journey in the north of India - An immersion in the most impressive nature and in the deepest mysticism
  • Hieros Gamos a Yoga-Tantra workshop

    The body. The exploration. The transformation. An inner journey
  • Counseling an unattended space

    A new opportunity to live an open and cozy dialogue
  • Awarness the secret resource

    Being attentive and awake in the mind, to be alive
  • The touch in the deep

    A massage that goes beyond the wellness
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Who is Served

Explore in which situations of your life we can share a stretch of road

  • Youth and adults
    facing new or old challanges
  • Athlets and coaches
    not to leave the mind behind
  • Children and teens
    beginners minds
  • Organizations and professionals
    fostering new ways to work
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Problems to Face

Recognize how the difficulties and sufferings arise constantly in our "full catastrophe life"

  • Small or remarkable changes
    that put us through the mill
  • Sentimental or work relationships
    leading us at an impasse
  • Physical pain and diseases
    able to undermine our resistance to stress
  • Anxiety, fear, anger,
    strong emotions that burst into us
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an Olistic Approach

Learn how the body and the development of mindfulness are at the centre of this work

  • Counseling dialogues
  • Mind training
  • Body training
  • Integration paths

Through the relationship with the counselor, in an mood of trust and listening, you can explore your inner world and find your strengths and personal resources to tackle difficulties and sufferings or to face new challenges. This dialogue represents the tool that will support the mind and body training.

The mindfulness is at the core of this training, through which you can discover how you work "inside yourself"; by mean of simple exercises you start to establish a new relationship with your mind and to explore your inner world; soon you'll be able to appreciate the benefits of this training and you'll want to go more deeply inside the white rabbit hole, wherein you might find your truth...

We are embodied beings. But these simple words have huge implications that we often overlook. Feelings, emotions, thoughts live inside our body and establish a relationship with it, muscles, tissues, nerves, bones... nothing is excluded. From the postures to illness, this relationship works underneath our consciousness level and the training aims to reveal those thin links and generate a deep and durable well-being.

The integration paths provide a multidisciplinary approach in which, through a customized plan tailored specifically to your needs and characteristics, you can address specific problems or improve in certain areas, such as stress management, time management, nutrition management, overcoming of a dependency, the coexistence with a disease and so on. Mind and body are put together and trained to work in a collaborative way. Due to the intense transformative power, these paths are for people strongly determined and able to handle stress and inner workload.

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